Duterte: Climate change pact to hinder PH industrialization


President Rodrigo Duterte earlier this week again expressed his refusal to honor the climate change agreement and said it will hinder the industrialization of the Philippines.

Speaking to typhoon-hit residents in Tuguegarao City in the province of Cagayan, the president said carbon restrictions under a climate deal is unfair.

The president seemed to referring to the Paris Agreement approved by over 150 countries, set to take effect on November 4. Signatories pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030.

“They [developed countries] want us to slow down so I have a rift with them,” Duterte said. “I do not agree with the formula or equation because it is not fair.”

“I told them you used carbon for the longest time and now that we want to be like you, you are stopping us? That’s stupid,” he said.

Under the previous administration, the Philippines promised to cut its emissions by 70 percent and pledged to help limit the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Philippines is one of the countries most prone to strong hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Presdident Duterte in July said he would not honor the agreement as he did not sign the pact. The Philippines has yet to ratify the Paris Agreement.

“I will develop my country in accordance to the needs of my people. Our population is growing and we now need machines. If you stop me, how am I supposed to feed my countrymen?” Duterte said. (Marami na kasing tao, kailangan na gumamit ng maraming makina. Kung pipigilan niyo ako paano ko papakainin ang mga kababayan ko, paano ako maka-produce ng marami?)

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