Transportation hub, new economic zone is underway after Sucat Thermal Plant dismantling

Riverbend Mining wins Sucat Power Plant Bid

After the decommissioning of the 850-MW Sucat Thermal Power Plant in Muntinlupa City was finalized, the government disclosed that it is under discussion for new development projects that may take place on the site following the disposal of the energy asset.

The removal of the plant structures will open opportunities “that will benefit the host community and the country, in general,” Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM) said in a statement last Wednesday.

The state-run agency added it is in consideration of converting the industrial land as a location either for a transportation hub, economic zone, or another energy-related venture.

Earlier, Riverbend Consolidated Mining Corporation won the bid of the decommissioned asset in the amount of P305.2 million.

Riverbend will dismantle the energy asset and is obliged to eradicate the site to ground zero, free and clear of wastes, toxic substances, debris, and structures.

Clean up obligations of the Sucat facility already begun on August 2 as part of its 30-month implementation period since the turnover.

Further decommissioning of assets are also taking place as PSALM is also proceeding to demolish the pipeline embedded on the plant site that connects the Sucat facility, Rockwell Power Plant, and the Manila Thermal Power Plant.