EDC, PLDT ink supply deal for Mindanao facilities


The Energy Development Corp. (EDC) has inked a partnership with telecommunications company PLDT Inc. to supply power to its Davao facilities as part of its decarbonization journey. 

In a report by Business Mirror, PLDT said that its agreement with EDC will provide 3.45 megawatts (MW) of geothermal power to six of its facilities in Davao once the Mindanao Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) is operational. 

The power supply deal is part of PLDT’s decarbonization program which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% 2030. 

PLDT president Alfredo Panilio said that the company also has a similar supply deal for seven of its sites in Visayas facilities totaling 3.7 MW. 

In July, PLDT announced that it will power 20 PLDT and Smart facilities with renewable energy as part of its green and sustainability efforts. 

The telecommunications company also announced that it would be adding electric vehicles (EVs) to its fleet and will be assigned to service personnel handling home broadband installation and repairs in Metro Manila.