Environmental group urges the use of clean energy sources

French firm Philippines a leader in renewable energy developments in Southeast Asia

International environmental group Greenpeace called on the use of clean and safe renewable energy instead of pursuing the Philippine government’s plan to use nuclear energy, conduct oil exploration, and coal expansion.

Greenpeace pointed out that pursuing dangerous and “dirty” energy sources will have severe climate impacts to Filipinos.

“Nuclear, oil and coal are the worst energy decisions that the government can make, and these harmful energy sources should be junked and phased out rather than promoted to avert the climate crisis,” Greenpeace campaigner Khevin Yu was quoted in a Manila Bulletin report.

The group pressed President Rodrigo Duterte to reassess his administration’s energy choices and to stay true to his directive to promote renewable energy development in the country.

Duterte earlier ordered Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi during his State of the Nation Address to “fast-track the development of renewable energy sources, and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources such as coal.”

Greenpeace pointed out that current developments in the sector are heading in the opposite direction.

Earlier this October, Duterte came home from Russia with potential partnerships with state-controlled nuclear, oil, and gas companies namely Rosatom and Rosneft.

Greenpeace noted the bad track records of the Russian firms which include highly questionable safety records, problematic environmental impacts, vulnerability to corruption, and tremendous cost overruns. The group also indicated extreme risks from “floating nuclear power plants.”

“These nuclear and oil and gas exploration plans, as well as the move to promote coal plants, are highly dubious considering the fact that the country has not yet maximized its capacity for renewable energy,” Yu said.

“Dirty and dangerous energy has no place in the country’s sustainable energy scenario, particularly at a time when renewable energy is already proven to be the cheapest, safest and most reliable form of electricity generation,” he added.