ERC misses valid points amid operations probe, PECO says


The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) ignored “multiple valid points” when the ERC technical team conducted an ocular inspection on the electric distribution system of Panay Electric Co. Inc. (Peco), says the electric cooperative.

“We in Peco are surprised by the seeming slant that the ERC is taking and we just hope that the ERC will not allow itself to be manipulated by the propaganda of economic saboteurs and give Peco a fair assessment,” Peco was quoted in a Business Mirror report.

The regulatory body found “operational lapses” and ordered Peco to explain.

“We aim to respectfully clarify the points brought up in the notice given to Peco since we see that multiple valid points that were also seen by the ERC ocular inspection team were surprisingly not taken into consideration in the order given,” Peco said.

Peco assured that there are proper ratings and designs for each of its feeder lines to its secondary lines. It also said that the fires that happened didn’t involve Peco’s lines. Most of them are attributed to the improper bundling of cable lines.

Peco added that ERC conducted the voltage tests in areas where there is a dropping of voltage level due to unregistered loads in those areas. ERC failed Peco on the said voltage tests.

Peco also claimed that it had been regularly coordinating with the ERC Visayas Head Office concerning its documentary requirements on its Meter Shop Certificate of Authority renewal.

“Peco has been trying its best to abide by the rules and regulations of the ERC despite multiple external factors beyond our control. We communicated to the ERC that should they need further clarification on certain matters, we are very much willing to cooperate as we have been doing so consistently,” it said.