First Gen awards contract to Tokyo Gas for LNG cargo

First Gen, Tokyo Gas

First Gen Corporation (FGEN) has awarded TG Global Trading Company (Tokyo Gas) the contract for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo. 

Tokyo Gas will supply one LNG cargo of 125,000 m3, which will be dispatched on a Delivered Ex Ship (DES) basis to FGEN’s subsidiary, First Gen Singapore Pte. Ltd.

The First Gen Clean Energy Complex (FGCEC) in Batangas City currently hosts the BW Batangas floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU), where the LNG cargo is expected to be unloaded and utilized by FGEN’s gas-fired power plants. 

Currently, FGEN has four existing gas-fired power plants under its belt that offer a combined capacity of 2,017 MW. These plants had been supplied by the Malampaya field, an indigenous offshore gas field, for a considerable time. 

To supply LNG storage and regasification services, FGEN LNG Corporation built its Interim Offshore LNG Terminal and signed a five-year Time Charter Party for the BW Batangas. 

This terminal will accelerate the introduction of LNG to the Philippines, meeting the natural gas needs of both existing and future gas-fired power plants operated by third parties and FGEN’s affiliates.

“FGEN believes [that] FGEN LNG Terminal will play a critical role in ensuring the energy security of the Luzon Grid and the Philippines,” said the firm.