First Philippine Holdings to commit to reduce emissions despite challenges

First Gen Corps pulls down net income of umbrella group in 2017

First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPH), led by the Lopez Group, expressed its commitment to overcoming challenges in its efforts to reduce emissions during a forum hosted by the Net Zero Carbon Alliance (NZCA).

In a report by the Business Mirror, FPH’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Agnes de Jesus, acknowledged the difficulty of implementing climate measures. 

Despite this, she emphasized the company’s dedication to forging pathways toward a decarbonized future. In aiming for this goal, FPH intends to develop solutions in sectors that are challenging to decarbonize and have high carbon emissions.

Furthermore, De Jesus highlighted two specific challenges. It is the availability of carbon removal technologies and balancing the use of natural gas as a transitional fuel with FPH’s goal for decarbonization. 

De Jesus mentioned the need to identify the point at which retiring gas-fired power plants, operated by First Gen Corp., a subsidiary of FPH, becomes necessary to meet the net-zero emissions target. 

She concluded by stating that taking climate actions would lead to operational changes, and maintaining the right mindset across the organization is crucial to achieving net-zero emissions.

The Net Zero Carbon Alliance (NZCA) is a consortium of Philippine enterprises committed to achieving collective net-zero carbon emissions within local businesses. It follows a carbon neutrality framework involving a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.