Gordon urges DOE to prepare for power gap

Gordon urges DOE to prepare for power gap

Senator Richard Gordon has urged the Department of Energy (DOE) to prepare for a power gap in the country, saying that the government should assure adequate power supply to support an increasing growth rate.

“From what you are saying, we are running in order to stay in place. In other words, we’re just running to have a reserve for the moment,” the Gordon said during a Senate hearing on Energy.

He added that the country is approaching a seven percent growth rate, and could go nine to 10 percent, “you will have greater energy demand.”

We should look at the situation not only nationally but also geographically—continuity of supply not only in Luzon but also in the Visayas and Mindanao. We must have sufficient resources to run these factories, to run the houses,” he stressed.

The senator also stated his liking on nuclear power plants as one energy source for the country despite it being infamous.

“I don’t care if nuclear energy is unpopular as long as it provides uninterrupted power supply. Other countries are doing it…I think we have national mental dwarfism,” he said, adding that countries like China, France, and Taiwan are using nuclear plants as sources of energy.

The national energy supply now stands at 17, 925 megawatts, with a demand of 13, 500 MW, Energy secretary Alfonso Cusi said, and that supply shortage in Luzon on July was due to simultaneous maintenance shutdowns of power plants.

DOE has considered nuclear power among the options to pursue in ensuring long – term power stability for the Philippines.