Green Heat boosts solar rooftop installation target

Green Heat boosts solar rooftop installation target

Green Heat Corp. is adding 6.5 megawatts (MW) of rooftop installations this year with the launch of a new solar panel product.

Around 1.5 MW to 2 MW of its total target will come from putting solar rooftops in a thousand homes, company director Glenn Tong said.

The solar integrated systems provider said they are working with banks for financing, and will focus its rooftop installations on the commercial and industrial market, COO Helen Tong said.

“There have been offers to supply for solar plants but we’d rather stay in rooftops since it’s more direct [to end-users],” she said.

Green Heat is working with banks for a partnership so more households can avail the solar power solutions at P170,000 at zero percent interest.

Its 6.5 MW target is in line with the launch of “The Curve,” its latest solar power solution. The product is a flexible, durable, ultra-thin, highly adaptable solar panel that can be integrated into surfaces where regular panels do not allow.

In 2016, the company installed a total of 4.2 MW in solar rooftop projects commercially and industrially. From this, 1.2 MW is under its partnership with Wilcon Depot, general manager Roberto Martin said.

The company’s portfolio includes solar rooftops of Asia Brewery Inc., Asian Development Bank, Manila Electric Co., Manuel L. Quezon Univeristy, St. Paul College of Parañaque and St. Scholastica’s Academy of Marikina.

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