HCG, First Gen renew power supply contract

First Gen – HCG

Bathroom solutions provider, Hocheng Philippines Corporation has renewed its power supply contract with First Gen Corporation. 

The renewed contract involves an 850-kilowatt (kW) power demand as part of HCG’s commitment to using green energy for its operations, as well as its decarbonization goals. 

“Aside from the use of renewable energy, we have several initiatives that contribute to the company’s green and decarbonization objectives… “We are confident that First Gen can help meet our goals by providing efficient electricity through their low-carbon footprint resources. Furthermore, we are exploring solar rooftop projects to complement our geothermal source of power,” HCG senior vice president and officer-in-charge Eugene Lin said in a statement. 

Under the renewed power supply agreement, First Gen’s renewable energy arm Energy Development Corporation (EDC) will be supplying HCG.

“We believe that choosing the right energy partner allows them to move toward a future that goes beyond sustainability for them and its customers’ precious bathroom,” First Gen vice president and head of power marketing trading and economics. 

EDC currently has 1,480 MW of installed capacity and accounts for 20% of the country’s installed renewable energy capacity. Its 1,185.40 MW geothermal portfolio accounts for 62% of the country’s installed geothermal capacity.