HINDI SUMIPOT: PHILRECA slams Cusi repeats call for resignation

cusi doe

The Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, Inc. (PHILRECA) reiterated their call for resignation after Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso Cusi failed to attend the scheduled open dialogue today, March 19.

PHILRECA earlier issued a statement saying that electric cooperatives leaders were open to have a dialogue with the secretary to discuss prevailing issues to the country’s total electrification.

Member of the association Janeene D. Colingan expressed dismay with Cusi’s absence, highlighting the secretary’s crucial role as a government official in addressing the industry’s issues with its members and stakeholders.

“How can we settle difference if our simple request of invitation for dialogue cannot be entertained?” he said.

Despite Cusi’s no show, PHILRECA officials and electric cooperative (EC) leaders continued with the event through a press conference, where they discussed the different issues and concerns of the ECs.

When asked to comment, DOE Undersecretary and Spokeperson Felix William Fuentebella said: “I don’t think he was invited.”

However, he clarified that the energy department would be open to another open dialogue with PHILRECA to discuss the issues brought up by the group.

“We will arrange it,” he said.

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