Ilocos Norte is now a “clean, green and coal-free” province


Ilocos Norte is now a “clean, green and coal-free province” after the provincial board passed a resolution eliminating coal from the province’s source of power.

The resolution, signed unanimously, prevents the government of Ilocos Norte from issuing “permit, authorization, endorsement or any expression of support to the development of coal projects in the province.”

The resolution makes Ilocos Norte the first province to completely rely on renewable energy as its source of power.

“The leadership of Ilocos Norte has consciously supported renewable energy development not only because the province is endowed with the essential natural environment but also because it is the only way to promote the economic prosperity of present and future generations of Ilocanos that is friendly to the environment and is not harmful to the people’s health and well-being,” the resolution read.

The province currently generating 50% of its power requirement from renewable energy with its solar, wind and hydroelectric energy sources.

Among the RE projects standing in the heart of Ilocos Norte are the 150-megawatt wind – power project of the Energy Development Corporation; 81 MW Caparispisan wind station of Northern Luzon UPC Asia Corp.; and the 52 – MW Bangui wind project of Northwind Power and Development Corporation.

Aside from wind projects, hydroelectric and solar projects are also present in the province. The 5MW Agua Grande hydroelectric power plant in Pagudpod , the 20 MW solar power facility of Soleng Philippines in Curimao, and the 4.1 ME and 2.6 MW solar farms in Burgos.

“The province of Ilocos Norte supports the national government in its commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change through the Conference of Parties 21 to reduce carbon emissions by 70% from expected levels in 2030, given that its experience and success proves that concrete actions can be taken now,” the Ilocos Norte provincial board declared.