Importance of excitation in power plants discussed in two-day training camp

Importance of excitation in power plants discussed in two-day training camp

Excitation expert Douglas Cope met with local engineers and shared his knowledge on power plant excitation systems earlier this month.

In a two-day training camp, Cope met with engineers from different power plant companies in the country and discussed, in depth, the various excitation systems and its methods.

An excitation system including automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is an essential part of the electrical control and protection system for the generator. It ensures the correct terminal voltage at the generator output for all load conditions along with providing additional control and protection features when the generator is running near its limit conditions (electrical, thermal and stability).

During the training camp, Cope discussed the two main types of excitation system power supply: the shunt excitation and PMG supplied.

A shunt excitation system takes the excitation supply directly from the generator stator winding – usually through an excitation transformer.

Meanwhile, a PMG supplied system takes the excitation supply from a dedicated generator on the same shaft as the main generator.

“For PMG and shunt powered excitation systems, thought should be given to how the system will be de-excited, both during normal operation and in the event of an AVR fault,” Cope said in his presentation.

Earlier, Cope stated the importance of a well-maintained excitation system in power plants saying that it prevents malfunctions from occurring.

“A well maintained and reliable excitation system can help to maintain control of the power network by maintaining system voltage and preventing power oscillations,” Cope said.

Cope has been working in the energy industry for almost 13 years. He has worked for the RWE nPower as its lead excitation engineer – where he handled the excitation systems of the company’s UK fleet and other third-party utility companies.

The 2nd Excitation and Control Systems for Power Generation training course was a program offered by the Meralco Power Academy(MPA) and was held last November 6 to 7, 2017 at The Lighthouse, Lopez Building at the Meralco compound in Ortigas.

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