Lawmaker calls for gov’t action to increase nation’s solar use

solar philippines

Sorsogon Representative Evelina Escudero called on the government to prioritize the study of solar power as a source of energy in the country, citing its economic advantages as an affordable alternative to traditional sources of power.

Escudero said it is time to make solar power more accessible and affordable by creating a uniform policy that manages and regulates its generation, distribution, and use and allowing private participation.

She supported the use of solar power as it is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available in the world.
“Such potent source of energy must not only be harnessed but made available to the public as the major alternative, if not primary, source of energy,” she was quoted as saying in a Manila Bulletin report.

“However, the capital cost may not be that affordable to every Filipino especially with a relatively longer return on investment of five to seven years depending on the capacity of the solar power installed,” Escudero said.

She added that it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure the preservation, maintenance, and proper usage of all sources of energy and other natural resources.

“Republic Act 9513, or the Renewable Energy Act, may not be enough to completely promote and transform solar energy as a significant major source of energy,” she said.

“The government may need to intercede more to make solar power accessible and affordable by bringing down its cost and allowing private participation among all qualified players without limiting it to only one or two entities,” Escudero said.