Luzon on Yellow Alert

gnpower mariveles

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has placed Luzon on Yellow Alert this Tuesday, as 2,265 megawatts (MW) became unavailable with several major power plants either going on forced outages or are experiencing de-rated capacities.

Based on NGCP’s 9AM bulletin, the Luzon Grid had an operating margin of 388 megawatts (MW), resulting from an available capacity or supply of 10,278MW and an operating requirement or demand of 9,526MW.

Four plants went on forced outage, namely GNPower Dinginin Unit 1 (668MW), GNPower Mariveles Unit 2 (316MW), Calaca Unit 2 (300MW), and Avion Unit 1 (48.5MW).

As for those de-rated, the Ilijan gas power plant’s capacity was downgraded by 505MW from 1,200MW to 695MW. The San Gabriel gas plant, meanwhile was de-rated by half from 420MW to 210MW.

The 340MW Magat hydroelectric plant was de-rated by 180MW to 160MW. The capacity of the Masinloc coal plant’s 315MW Unit 1 was reduced by 10MW to 305MW, while the 344MW Unit 2 was downgraded by 39MW, also to 305MW.

A Yellow Alert is issued when the Contingency Reserve is less than the capacity of a grid’s largest generator.

Luzon was also placed on Yellow Alert on early Monday evening, as the grid only had a net operating margin of 237MW.