Luzon Transmission Lines down after Typhoon Karding

NGCP – Karding

Several transmission lines of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) have become unavailable after the onslaught of Typhoon Karding. 

In a statement on Monday, NGCP said that the typhoon affected eight of its 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission lines and four 230 kV lines in Northern Luzon. 

The 230 kV lines, Mexico-Hermosa Line 1, San Rafael-Cabanatuan Line 1, Pantabangan-Cabanatuan  line, and the Mexico-Concepcion Line 2 have become unavailable 

In Nueva Ecija, the 69-kilovolt (kV) Cabanatuan-San Luis line became unavailable on Sunday evening, affecting the areas of Nueva Ecija II Electric Cooperative (NEECO) Areas 1 and 2, as well as the Aurora Electric Cooperative Inc. (AURELCO). The 69kV Cabanatuan-Fatima line is also unavailable, affecting the areas of NEECO II Area 1, San Jose Electric Cooperative (SAJELCO), and the Panabangan Municipal Electric System (PAMES). 

The Cabanatuan-San Isidro 69 kV line and the Cabanatuan-Bulualto 69 kV line also went unavailable affecting other areas of NEECO II Area 2 and NEECO I, respectively. 

Meanwhile, in the Tarlac area, the Concepcion-Camiling 69 kV lines were affected by the typhoon, affecting the Tarlac I Electric Cooperative (TARELCO) area. 

The Hermosa-Floridablanca 69kV line in Pampanga is also unavailable, affecting the Pampanga II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PELCO) area. 

In latest developments, NGCP announced the restoration of the 69 kV Labrador-Bolinao line, and the 69 kV Botolan-Castillejos line. The grid operator added that the 69 kV Famy-Comon line in Quezon Province 

“NGCP has mobilized its line crews and is currently conducting patrols to inspect and assess the impact of the typhoon on its operations and facilities. Simultaneous restoration activities are also being conducted in areas already accessible,” NGCP said in a statement.