Marcos Jr. seeks to strengthen PH’s energy ties with Indonesia under new leadership

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President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. seeks stronger ties with Indonesia as Defense Minister Prabowo Subianato assumes as the country’s new president.

In a telephone call on Thursday, February 22, Marcos Jr. and Subianato were in agreement that the Philippines and Indonesia shared much in common with over 70 years of bilateral relationship. 

Marcos Jr. said that he is looking to build on the relationship established with outgoing Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Furthermore, Marcos Jr. told the presumptive Indonesian president that he wanted to meet with Subianato to discuss and explore new possibilities between the two countries. He also conveyed the Philippines’ willingness to partner with Indonesia regarding energy transition, green metals, and energy production, adding that there were already a number of Indonesian companies that vested their interest in working with the Philippines. 

Prabowo responded that he is just as eager to continue to build and strengthen what President Widodo has established. He also expressed his desire to meet with Marcos Jr. in person.

Prabowo claimed that he is looking forward to working with Marcos Jr.’s administration to reinforce Indonesia’s ties with the Philippines.