MCWM, Plambeck-Emirates consortium pushing for $250-M waste-to-energy facility in Clark, Pampanga

Aligned with the country’s sustainability efforts, Metro Clark Waste Management (MCWM) is vying for a $220-$250 million waste-to-energy (WTE) project. 

In a report by the Manila Bulletin, MCWM said that it will be funding the project together with its partner Plambeck-Emirates, a joint venture between renewable energy firm Plambeck Germany and the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. 

The proposed WTE project is designed to reduce the volume of waste to be disposed of in MCWM’s landfill in Clark, Pampanga by up to 70%. The proposal was submitted to the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) in 2019 but it has yet to respond. 

The consortium looks to begin the WTE project as soon as possible as part of its comprehensive waste management plan. 

In 2021, the Department of Energy released a draft policy on the development of waste-to-energy facilities across the country. 

WTE, also known as biomass energy, converts non-recyclable waste materials into heat, electricity, or fuel.