MERALCO: 105 companies to join ILP


Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) announced that 105 companies have expressed their commitment to participating in the interruptible load program (ILP), collectively contributing a total capacity of 530.10 megawatts. 

MERALCO Vice President and Head of Utility Economics Lawrence Fernandez emphasized the ongoing efforts to encourage customer involvement in ILP, a demand-side management program wherein large-load customers are urged to utilize their generator sets or reduce operations instead of drawing power directly from the grid.

This initiative seeks to prevent power interruptions in households during instances of red alerts or insufficient supply to meet demand.

Fernandez said that MERALCO is actively engaging with business customers through webinars, providing updates on the 2024 power situation in Luzon, and inviting them to join ILP to contribute to grid stability.

Besides ILP, MERALCO asserted the importance of energy efficiency among the public to manage consumption effectively. During the dry months, electricity consumption typically rises by 10% to 40% brought on by the increased use of cooling appliances.

MERALCO Spokesperson and Vice President for Corporate Communications Joe Zaldarriaga expressed the company’s firm commitment to providing energy efficiency tips to customers and encouraged the adoption of such practices.

Furthermore, MERALCO reiterated its solidarity with the government in raising awareness about fire hazards during Fire Prevention Month, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in promoting safety.