MERALCO forms new EV unit


The Manila Electric Co. (MERALCO) has established a new subsidiary focusing on transport service networks engaging in electric energy and other alternative energy sources. 

MERALCO said that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Movem Electric Inc., will focus on the development and deployment of various electric transport solutions. 

MERALCO said that Movem Electric Inc., is committed to enabling and supporting the country’s transition toward a “cleaner and more suitable transport system.” 

Movem Energy’s purpose is to “create, develop, manufacture, produce, assemble, configure, reconfigure, use, manage, maintain, operate, repair, improve, test, build, install, license, sell, market, distribute, lease, import and export, transport service networks utilizing electric energy and other alternative energy sources.” 

The new subsidiary will also get involved in electric vehicles like charging stations, hardware, software, batteries, vehicles, accessories, parts, gadgets, and digital applications, among others. 

Movem Energy will be for the purpose of “transporting passengers and merchandise, of every kind and nature, both for domestic and foreign markets.” 

MERALCO clarified that its other subsidiary, eSakay, Inc., will focus on public transportation services.