MERALCO sees possible rate hike in January bill

meralco asia

Customers of the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) should anticipate an increase in their January bills.

The power giant pointed to lower demand in the Luzon Grid for December as the reason for the possible rate hike.

MERALCO Vice President and Spokesperson Joe Zaldarriaga expounded that peak demand in the country’s biggest power grid decreased to 9,634 megawatts (MW) in December 2020, or around 252MW lower from 9,886MW previously.

Zaldarriaga pointed out that the fixed costs from power suppliers may be spread over lower energy volume leading to higher effective rates for consumers.

MERALCO is set to announce the adjustments on Friday.

The country’s largest power distributor has earlier extended its “no-disconnection” policy for lifeline customers or those consuming 200 kilowatt hours per month or less with unsettled dues until January 31.