Meralco to retire oldest substation in Metro Manila

MERALCO to retire oldest substation in Metro Manila

The Manila Electric Co. (MERALCO) is looking to close down ones of its oldest substations in Metro Manila to improve their power delivery service and reduce system loss as part of their conversion program.

Meralco has filed an application with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) seeking the approval to retire the Palomar Substation and re-utilize its equipment for distribution services.

“The issuance of provisional authority is warranted under the circumstances considering that there is no reason to continue energizing the Palomar Substation as the loads thereof may be transferred to adjacent source circuits,” Meralco said.

The distribution utility’s conversation program aims to standardize its distribution assets voltage by phasing out isolated odd voltage and minimize equipment inventory types.

The Palomar substation in Tondo, Manila is one of Meralco’s oldest substations, with two power transformers between 65 and 61 years of age. The power substation is also prone to flooding.

Meralco said that the two transformers have reached their “standard asset lives.”

Palomar’s retirement, according to Meralco, “will not have an adverse impact on the customers in Tondo, Manila area since the 13.8-kv system was converted to 34.5 kv and the 6.24 kv loads of Palomar Substation will be converted to 34.5 kv.”

“More importantly, the conversion of the loads of Palomar Substation to 34.5 kilovolt (kv) will result in the reduction of technical system loss and improvement of the electric service by phasing out isolated odd voltage system,” Meralco said.

While some of the equipment and machinery will be reused for distribution services, other parts of the Palomar Substation will be withdrawn from service upon its retirement, which will amount to P3.49 million.