Mober acquires $2M funding to aid EV goals


Mober, a logistics company, acquires around $2 million in funding to aid its incorporation of electric vehicles (EVs) into its retail logistics.

The funding supported the company’s goal to shift towards sustainable options by expanding its EV vehicles to 60 units, catering to the increasing demand for eco-conscious logistic services, per a Business World report.

The logistics company also shared that the seed funding for this project was managed by RT Heptagon Holdings, OPC, an entity engaging in equitable investment initiatives.

Aside from adopting the EV option into its logistics to reduce carbon footprint, Mober also built a transport management system that would track the number of carbon dioxide savings with the use of EVs.

Moreover, another project that Mober launched in September was its first EV charging station in Pasay City. Costing around Php 2 million, the charging station would support its vehicles serving IKEA Philippines.

Another target of Mober was to electrify its same-day delivery services for SM Appliance Center, integrating low-impact practices into its retail logistics.

Mober is also expecting growth this year as it looked forward to an investment before the end of the first quarter.