MPower, Pioneer Highlands extend supply agreement


MPower, Manila Electric Company’s (MERALCO) retail electricity supplier, has renewed its retail supply agreement with Pioneer Highlands South Condominium Corporation (PHSCC). 

PHSCC, the management entity of Pioneer Highlands South Condominium in Mandaluyong City which is home to around 445 residents and businesses, was one of the pioneer clients to enlist with MPower under the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) implemented in 2013.

“Our partnership with MPower has gone deeper than ouR continuing business contracts.” She added, “This does not only forge a decade’s worth of continued energy supply and professional assistance but is also a celebration of warm friendship and continued pursuit of lofty ideals to serve and be fruitful citizens,” PHSCC President Evangeline Ang said in a statement.

MERALCO First Vice President and Head of MPower Redel Domingo echoed this statement, saying, “We have a very strong partnership with PHSCC for more than a decade now and remain committed to being part of their growth and success.”

Domingo further reassured PHSCC and other MPower partners of their commitment to serve customers. He stated, “We assure PHSCC and our partners that MPower will continue to deliver stable, reliable, and cost-competitive supply that we believe is very crucial in ensuring continued operations of the business and in keeping the lights on.”

Throughout the years, PHSCC has actively engaged in MPower’s Executive Forums and significantly contributed to the company’s diverse corporate social responsibility endeavors, including educational initiatives and tree-planting campaigns. This joint effort underscores the shared commitment of both entities towards community welfare and environmental stewardship.