Napocor appoints new VP for engineering arm

Napocor appoints new VP for engineering arm

The National Power Corp. has appointed a new leader for its Power Engineering Services, (PES) the corporation’s engineering arm which oversees power projects.

In a statement, Napocor said it has appointed lawyer and engineer Rogelio T. Teves as the new vice president of PES.

Teves previously worked as the head of Napocor’s Design and Development unit, which handles feasibility projects for power and transmission projects, tender documents and cost estimates, and the analysis of engineer-related designs.

The Power Engineering Services “manages the implementation of power projects including construction, quality and cost control; and provides specialty services like engineering surveys, hydrological studies, geological services, materials investigation and testing, social engineering and right-of-way acquisition among others.”

Teves joined the corporation in 1990 as a cadet engineer, a fresh graduate from the University of the East with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He was hired as Engineer A in 1992, led the provisions of technical assistance in the pre-procurement and bid evaluation stage and reviewing the contractors’ documents. He also took up law five years after passing his board exam.