National Transmission Corp. files for a higher FIT-All rate for 2017


The National Transmission Corp (TransCo) has asked the Energy Regulatory Commission to approve its feed-in-tariff allowance (FIT-All) application of 22.91 centavos per kilowatt-hour (kWh) next year.

If approved, consumers will face an additional 23 centavos per kWh in electric bills beginning in 2017.

The applied FIT-All will cover payments for RE projects eligible to receive FIT incentives.

Transco is seeking provisional authority to enforce the rate adjustment while the petition is being studied by the ERC.

“The grant of a provisional authority will allow TransCo to perform its duties to make a timely payment of the FIT rate to RE developers to which they are entitled thereby allowing their continued operations,” Transco said.

The state – run firm is also looking at a permanent approval of the rate, “or in the alternative, such other amount as may be found by the Commission to be consistent with the FIT-All guidelines.”

In TransCo’s computation, the 2017 FIT-allowance will be used in paying RE projects around P13.8 billion, including the under-recoveries for 2016 amounting to P3.58 billion.

These projects cover wind (P5.03 billion), biomass (P4.19 billion), solar (P3.35 billion), and hydropower (P1.02 billion).

The FIT-All is a uniform charged billed on all on-grid consumers as a separate component in their monthly electric bills. This serves as an incentive to RE developers in pursuing developments in the sector.

Under its guidelines, Transco is the administrator of the FIT-All Fund as is required to make an annual determination of the tariff.

In 2014, the ERC approved TransCo’s application for a 4.06 per kWh` FIT-All charged to consumers beginning January 2015. In 2015, the ERC approved an FIT-ALL of 12.40 centavos per KWH collected in April 2016 onwards.