NEA gets support from DOE official to become “authority”

NEA gets support from DOE official to become “authority”

The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has received the support of an Energy Department official to expand its supervisory power to cover all electricity distributors.

“If you plan NEA to become an authority and not just an administration, I will help you so all service providers will be under NEA,” DOE Undersecretary Benito Ranque said.

NEA said that Ranque committed to helping NEA in lobbying to the Congress to extend the agency’s mandate by including the privately – owned utilities and private distribution utilities.

The agency currently supervises 121 electric cooperatives in the county and is seeking support for its legislative agenda.

It is also in charge of the government’s rural electrification program of the ECs by ensuring that they become more efficient, reliable and globally competitive.

Earlier, NEA Administrator Edgardo Masongsong said that the agency plans to convert to an “authority.” This means that all power distribution utilities will be placed under its supervision.

He also asked the ECs to endorse the refiling of the House Bill 6080 that aims to modify the qualifications for, and establish a screening committee for the election or appointment of NEA’s directors and officers.