NEA to Electric Coops: source more RE

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The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has directed electric cooperatives that currently source power from diesel or bunker-fired power plants to tap into more renewable energy sources.

In a report by BusinessWorld, NEA Administrator Emmanuel Juaneza said that electric cooperatives will turn to solar power due to falling costs, However, he said that the drawback with solar energy is “it is not baseload, it’s variable.” 

Energy Secretary Raphael Lotilla earlier said that the Department of Energy is looking to end off-grid areas’ dependence on imported fuel. 

Juaneza also emphasized that electric cooperatives are required to source an agreed portion of power from renewable energy under the renewable portfolio standards (RPS). 

Another concern NEA is facing is the lack of funds in order to achieve the 100% household electrification goal. 

“I am counting on the NEA to be our committed partner in realizing the Government’s vision of total electrification of the country,” Lotilla said in a letter sent to NEA last week. 

During the first quarter of the year, NEA was able to energize over 129,000 consumers in the countryside under its Rural Electrification Program.