NEA urges ECs to comply with committed service connections

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To ensure nationwide household electrification reaches 100% by 2028, the National Electrification Administration (NEA) has mandated all 121 electric cooperatives (ECs) to adhere to the projected number of potential consumer connections between 2024 and 2028.

According to a Manila Bulletin report, NEA Administrator Antonio Mariano C. Almeda issued a memorandum on December 12, directing ECs to synchronize their targets and monitor achievements in line with the Local Total Electrification Roadmap and the Distribution Development Plan.

As of October this year, ECs were estimated to cater to approximately 16,281,177 potential consumer connections, based on the 2020 PSA census.

NEA is set to develop detailed projections for each electric cooperative utilizing connection data entry templates (DET). These projections are scheduled to be released at the NEA-Business Intelligence Technology portal and the Barangay Energization Matrix (BEM) by January next year.

In a separate memorandum released on December 15, NEA has refined the BEM template to streamline connection DETs and devise solutions for energizing each barangay.

NEA has designated Jovani Lagon, acting head of the Program Control Section of NEA’s Database Management and Program Control Division (DMPCD), to aid ECs in implementing these new directives.

Furthermore, NEA is committed to exploring solutions for areas with low electrification levels, giving priority attention, and considering funding allocation as part of the effort.