New think tank advocates for effective energy policies

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The Center for Energy Research and Policy (CERP), a new think tank that advocates for effective energy policies and promotes interactive governance, stresses the pressing need for a call to action as well as shared participation for a sustainable future.

In its statement, CERP said that the country went through a plethora of challenges across the energy sector. Issues on sufficiency, affordability, accessibility, and resiliency risk the country’s economic stability, social welfare, and environmental sustainability.

Issues of resiliency manifested in the four-day blackout experienced by Panay Island, as it had affected almost 4.5 million residents and caused a staggering Php 5.7 billion in economic losses, CERP said. 

“Filipinos deserve clear energy policies that build a resilient present and a brighter Future… CERP stands ready to lead the charge in supporting decision-makers with policy-making and advancing sustainable development,” said its convenor, Atty. Noel Marabut Baga.

A study presented by Atty. Marabut entitled “Advancing Energy Security in the Philippines” revealed the challenges faced by the Philippine energy landscape and their impact on the country’s stability.

Additionally, the convenor also provided a roadmap for reform that encouraged immediate action.

CREP underscored its commitment to strengthen partnerships with its stakeholders and policymakers by aiming to offer insights for composing energy policies with experts and advocates. 

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