Nuclear policy will be completed under this administration, Cusi says

cusi doe

To address the threatening power crisis, energy secretary Alfonso Cusi reiterated his commitment for the country’s “national position” on nuclear power development, saying it is one of the energy policies he is prioritizing to be completed under the current administration. 

“We already submitted our ‘national position’…The President has been discerning into what is really good for the country,” Cusi was quoted in a Manila Bulletin report.

Cusi added that the energy department together with Congress will work on the legal and regulatory frameworks of nuclear installation, once President Rodrigo Duterte approves the Department of Energy’s (DOE) design of the nuclear power policy.

He added that at least under this administration, the nuclear policy will be established. From there, the next government leadership will just do follow-through initiatives on the actual implementation and construction of nuclear power projects.

The DOE has been doubling its efforts in promoting nuclear power development as it will pave the way for the country’s long-term energy security.

“The time is ripe for intensified and informed public discussions on nuclear energy and its potential role in our energy security agenda,” Cusi said.

Cusi said nuclear power development has a “favorable turnout” based on a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey that the department commissioned last year.

He added that such survey results are positive indicators on the acceptability of nuclear energy,” with him adding that “respondents are aware that nuclear energy possesses both benefits and risks.”

Cusi explained that the definitive framework and regulations of nuclear development are still in progress. However, it should be one of the key topics that must be discussed in public dates relative to this technology option.

“Considering the potential of safely utilizing nuclear energy for our power needs doesn’t mean that nuclear power plants will immediately come out of the woodwork,” Cusi noted.