Paluan town in Mindoro gets 24/7 solar power

No More Brownouts

The town of Paluan in Mindoro was provided with 24/7 electricity through a solar power project.

The project provided by Solar Philippines consists of 2 MW of solar panels, 2MWh of batteries, and 2 MW diesel back up to power the town.

The said project is the largest solar battery micro-grid in Southeast Asia, Solar Philippines said.

Electricity provided by the solar battery, the company added, is 50 percent less than the full cost of the local electric coop.

“We see ourselves as partners in developing Paluan into a first-class municipality in the coming years. While other companies seek to charge the highest rates possible, we believe that offering quality service at the lowest cost is win-win, helping the areas we serve and growing the market over the long-term. Your success is our success,” Solar Philippines founder Leandro Leviste said.

“If we can do this in Paluan, we can do this in every other town in the Philippines,” he added.

Mindoro was once named the “Brownout Capital of the Philippines”. Paluan before received an average of 16 hours of power daily from the National Power Corporation (NPC) with outages lasting for several days.