Ph solar Industry to be driven by utility-scale projects

Solar Philippines to introduce battery equipped solar farms

The country’s solar energy industry could largely be driven by utility-scale projects in the coming years, according to global photovoltaic and smart energy solutions provider Trina Solar. 

“We see that the Philippines is moving forward with [the] development of new solar farms. A key benefit of solar energy is [that it’s] proven technology that can be quickly and readily deployed,” Trina Solar Asia Pacific President Todd Li said in a statement.

Recently, Trina Solar launched its 670W+ Vertex modules in the Philippines as a response to the country’s growing solar energy sector. These panels, according to the company, have 21.6% more power and efficiency with its larger 210mm diameter wafers. It comes with a high-power low voltage design allowing power generating companies to use 28 modules per string, which improves performance by 34%. 

According to German research Institute Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, the capital expenditure of the 670W+ module is 4.2% lower versus 540W modules, and its levelized cost of energy (LCOE) is around 4.1%. 

“Developers of solar farms are generally very sensitive to investment costs. The higher power and higher efficiency of the Vertex 670W+ module means it delivers to solar farm developers and investors a lower balance of system cost and lower LCOE,” Li said.