Pilipinas Shell launches first EV charging station


Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. launched its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station as part of the oil company’s goal toward a lower carbon footprint. 

Called the Shell Recharge, the EV charging station features a 180 kilowatt-hour (kwh) DC fast charger with two EV charging points with a CCS2 connector, allowing it to charge EVs at the same time. 

The charging station, located in Shell Mamplasan station along South Luzon Expressway, can fully charge an EV in just 30 minutes. 

Shell Mobility global executive vice president Istvan Kapitany said that they are making sure that its Shell sites will become a “go-to place for all customers, whether they drive traditional or EV.” 

Pilipinas Shell said that it will roll out the Shell Recharge to more mobility stations within the next 12 months. 

Pilipinas Shell also launched its NBS Carbon Offset Service program where customers can opt to compensate for the equivalent carbon emissions of their fuel purchase for an additional service fee per liter. These are then assigned to equivalent carbon credits from Shell’s afforestation, reforestation,  and conservation projects. 

The company first offered the offset service program to its B2B fleet customers in 2021, making Pilipinas Shell the first energy company to offer such service. 

Shell NBS Carbon Offset Service is currently available in 15 of Shell’s sites including Shell Mamplasan. The company looks to expand the program into 100 sites by the end of the year. 

Shell Philippines country head Lorelei Quiambao-Osial said that the two new low-emission energy solutions provide energy to its consumers in a responsible manner to minimize environmental impact while achieving a low carbon future. 

Pilipinas Shell first announced its venture towards EVs in June as part of its net-zero goal to decarbonize the entire chain of operations by 2050.