PMCJ to Duterte admin: put mining on moratorium, shift to renewables

PMCJ to Duterte Admin Shift to Renewable Energy

A climate group has called on the present administration to shift to renewable energy (RE) and stop coal dependency in the country.

The Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ) on Wednesday said that they have marked August 24 as the beginning of their nationwide campaign to begin the phase 0 out of coal and shift to RE.

“Our solidarity and collective action is extremely crucial in the fight against the climate crisis. We must act with clarity, cohesion and courage if we are to help stabilize the Earth’s climate system and secure a just, equitable and sustainable world,” PMCJ national coordinator Ian Rivera said.

The climate group believes that the Philippines, when it comes to climate change impacts, like extreme weather events like Typhoon Yolanda and monsoon rains and longer and frequent El Nino demonstrate the growing risk and devastation by Filipinos.

Rivera said that the government should implement a moratorium on permits for new coal – fired power plants – even coal mining and stockpiles – and must stop all new coal projects.

A review of the coal plants and projects’ environmental compliance certificates; mobilize domestic resources and climate finance from developed countries must also be implemented. As well as a comprehensive program on a quick shift to an affordable and accessible clean and renewable energy to people.

PMCJ cited the 2014 Fifth Assessment Report of the Inter – Government Panel on Climate Change, saying that there is still a chance to stabilize the earth’s temperature under 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“Today, the increase in temperature is already nearly one degree and scientists are now saying this is no longer physically possible to keep it from reaching one degree. At nearly one degree increase, we are already seeing hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions losing livelihoods and homes, the exacerbation of hunger for billions. What more will a 3-degree temperature rise entail?” their statement said.