Practice electrical safety and efficiency this Holy Week

Cusi asks for third party to assess PH power sector

Filipinos are advised to practice efficient electricity use and measures especially this Holy Week break.

“Simple but crucial efforts such as turning off and unplugging appliances not in use can help in avoiding overheating and wasting energy consumption,” Meralco Head of Public Information Office, Joe Zaldarriaga said.

Meralco has also advised customers to monitor certain appliances’ power consumption like the refrigerators and security lights when leaving for vacation.

“Other tips include keeping combustible materials away from outdoor lighting and other sources of heat, and using only light bulbs of specified wattage,” said Zaldarriaga.

The company added that regular maintenance and upgrading of facilities will still push through during the Holy Week holiday.

“Meralco personnel will also be on standby to respond to any contingency or unexpected power interruptions,” Zaldarriaga said.

“We are one with the nation in observing a solemn and safe Holy Week,” he added.