Puerto Princesa hybrid power plant to run in 2019

Are Renewable Energy producers seeking crony-like privileges?

Puerto Princesa’s 2.4 MW hybrid power plant is expected to begin commercial operations in the second quarter of 2019 at the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

The said hybrid power plant will operate as a 100 percent renewable energy source.

Sabang Renewable Energy Corporation led the project at Sabang, Barangay Cabayugan, home of the “underground river” World Heritage Site.

Chief executive officer of the WEnergy Global Pte. Ltd. (WGPL) Atem Ramsundersingh said they have already accomplished all the needed permits and licenses by the government to begin the operation next year.

WGPL is one of the proponents of the Sabang Project which offers a long range of expertise in renewable energy solutions.

The project targets to provide 24/7 power to around 650 residences and business establishments in the area.

Ramsundersingh said they also saw the Sabang community to be an ideal model for sustainable renewable energy generation by using 60 percent solar and 40 percent biodiesel.

“We have designed the power plant in such a way that in the future, it will operate 100 percent renewable,” he said.

The project will also conduct regular environment protection activities including building of dikes along the river near the plant area and planting vegetables under the solar panels.

The plant area will also serve as a way to educate tourists about renewable energy, helping increase the people’s knowledge of environment protection.

“They will be very welcome to visit the plant. We feel that this place has to be done in a way that it sets an example,” he added.

SREC will be selling the generated power at P 15 per kWh to business establishments, while households in Sabang will pay P 12 per kWh.

The Sabang Project is a joint project of Gigawatt Power, Inc., Palawan Electric Cooperative, Vivant Corporation, and WEnergy Global Pte. Ltd.