RE companies begin wind resource assessment

AC Energy to expand renewable energy portfolio through wind power

Two renewable energy companies have kickstarted their assessment of their potential wind resources as part of their planned wind power projects,

Alternergy Holdings Corp. has installed an 80-meter meteorological mast on Alabat Island in Quezon Province to assess the wind resources for their planned wind power projects. 

In a report by the Philippine Star, Alternergy chief technical director Knud Hedeager said that the meteorological mast would help validate the strength and capacity of the wind resource in the next two years. 

Citing the Global Wind Atlas, Alternergy said that Alabat Island in Quezon has a wind speed of more than seven meters per second average – which is similar to the Rizal province, home of the company’s 54-megawatt (MW) Pillila wind farm. 

Alternergy chairman Vince Perez said that Alabat Island was chosen as its project site as the site faces the northeast monsoon from the Pacific Ocean. The company aims to “turn a natural resource into a reliable source of clean energy.” 

Alternergy is looking to develop around 1,370 MW of wind, offshore wind, solar, and run-of-river hydropower projects in the next five years. 

In related developments, Basic Energy Corporation through its subsidiary Mabini Energy Corp. has also begun its wind resource assessment campaign after installing and testing its meteorological mast facility in Mabini, Batangas for its 50-MW Mabini wind energy project. 

Basic Energy said a favorable one-year period of assessment campaign can help lead to the micro-siting process to determine the wind turbine design and locations. 

The Mabini wind project is expected to begin operations by 2027. 

According to a World Bank study, the country has potential offshore wind resources worth around 178 gigawatts (GW).