REDC to pioneer Seawater pumped energy storage tech in PH

Repower Energy Development Corporation

Repower Energy Development Corporation (REDC) has secured a partnership with an Austrian turbine technology provider, making them the pioneer in seawater-pumped storage projects in the country.

Repower, a subsidiary of Pure Energy Holdings Corporation, said that their agreement with Gugler Water Turbines GMBH will facilitate the development of seawater-pumped storage projects at multiple selected locations in the Philippines.

The government’s objective is to raise the proportion of renewables in the power generation mix to 35% by 2030. While conventional pumped hydro storage has proven effective for other countries transitioning to renewable energy (RE), seawater as an energy storage medium is recognized as a better option for integrating RE into the grid system and ensuring reliable power supply during peak demand periods.

Gugler, the technology partner of Korea Midland Power Corporation, has collaborated on the Shinseocheon Seawater Hydropower Plant in South Korea.

REDC company president and CEO Eric Peter Roxas expressed that the partnership with Gugler is aligned with their mission of improving living standards in communities through the provision of renewable energy, adding that they’re looking to replicate Gugler’s success in its venture in South Korea. 

Repower’s initial project will involve constructing a 320 MW seawater-pumped storage facility in the Luzon region. This project will be located 300 meters above sea level, and the lower reservoir will utilize the coastal area for continuous seawater intake.

An area on Luzon Island is eyed for the development of the said project.

The company is actively obtaining endorsements from the local government unit (LGU) and indigenous communities to facilitate the development of a 50 MW facility.

Repower has set its sights on going public this year to secure funding for the equity portion of its 19.5 MW hydropower projects and to expand its portfolio through the acquisition of additional renewable energy projects.