San Miguel planning BESS manufacturing facility

smc bess

San Miguel Corporation is looking to put a battery energy storage manufacturing facility to serve both domestic and export, markets, company president Ramon Ang says. 

Ang said that he wants the company to venture into battery storage manufacturing using nickel-iron. 

Through its power arm SMC Global Power Holdings Corporation (SMCGP), SMC is building 31 battery energy storage systems (BESS) facilities nationwide, totaling a rated capacity of 1000 megawatts (MW). 

Ang said that the BESS facilities could “capture the up and down swing of power plants.” 

The BESS facilities will come from investments amounting to $1 billion. 

San Miguel currently has 500 MW of BESS facilities, Ang is hopeful that the company can reach 1,000 MW in order to sell to factories, and steel mills, among others. 

Ang is looking to offer the power capacity from the BESS facilities at Php 2 to Php 3 per kilowatt-hour. 

He further stressed that BESS facilities will help stabilize the grid’s voltage, frequency, and peaking requirements. Ang is confident that their facilities can improve the country’s power quality and at the same time, addresses the intermittent issues of renewable energy. 

The conglomerate chief earlier noted that BESS and other bridge technologies will allow them to achieve a just and inclusive transition to a “clean energy future that will not only sustain our economic recovery and growth but will also benefit our environment and many Filipinos.” 

SMC is currently waiting on the Department of Energy’s rules on BESS.