Senator Tulfo discusses WTE with Singapore execs


Senator Raffy Tulfo is pledging to support foreign investors who are interested in backing the country’s energy sector.

Tulfo, chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy, vowed his support during a meeting with Singaporean business executives last week. Some corporate leaders are already actively investing in the country, while others are in the process of exploring investment opportunities.

Also deliberated in the meeting were the advantages of Waste-to-Energy (WTE) and the challenges associated with its operation. In response, proposed policies and solutions were explored to establish an effective WTE system.

In response, Tulfo stated that his team would lobby for the quick passage of the WTE Bill, which is presently in its second reading. 

Senate Bill 2267 mandated the inclusion of Waste-to-Energy (WTE) in the Philippine Energy Plan (PEP), necessitating local government units to engage in clustering arrangements and public-private partnerships for the establishment of WTE facilities.

The WTE Bill prohibits the utilization of imported waste as feedstock for waste-to-energy facilities, serving as a safeguard against the risk of becoming a dumping ground for foreign waste.