Singaporean solar company to install 6MW solar home tech in PH

VECO wants more customers enrolled in Net Metering Program

Trina Solar is planning to install up to 10 percent of the market for solar installations, or 5 to 6 MW of solar technology for residential users in the Philippines.

Citing the country’s warming interest to shift to clean energy source, Country Manager Junrhey Castro said the Philippines is open for solar homes on small scale.

He said that consumers who want to go solar could spent from R100,000 to R200,000, compared to the R1 million or higher costs in the previous years.

Castro said that the usage of solar in residential areas  “is in line with the nation’s target of becoming energy self-sufficient and having a cheaper and more reliable source of energy.”

He also claimed that Trinahome solar solution will be  “the first plug-and-play residential and commercial solution in the Philippines,” which comes with a 25-year warranty.

“This solution is targeted towards residential and small-to-medium-sized commercial applications for distributed power generation,” he said.

This project will not only bring change to the energy sector, but also  to consumers wanting to opt for a cleaner source of energy.

The Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) could be availed by consumers wanting to shift to solar tech.

Trina Solar is also offering cost savings to interested consumers; the offer is projected to come back after the company recovers it upfront costs on installation in four to five years.

“The Philippines has some of the most expensive electricity prices in Asia,” Castro said, stressing that solar is enticing consumers due to its cost-competitiveness.

“Solar energy is cheaper than energy from the grid, since your rooftop becomes your own power generation source,” he said.

“The cost of solar systems has significantly decreased in the past years – thanks to the new manufacturing technology and economics of scale,” he added.