Solar Philippines promises to end energy poverty by 2022

Solar Philippines promises to end energy poverty by 2022

Solar Philippines has promised to serve the “poorest Filipinos in rural areas” through cheap, reliable and accessible electricity as the company celebrates its fourth year.

Company president Leandro Leviste said that the company will give over 50 percent of its resources to areas that are unserved or poorly served by electric utilities.

“Inspired by President Duterte’s mission to improve the lives of Filipinos, we will do our utmost to end energy poverty in the Philippines by 2022,” Leviste said.

Leviste said that they have received thousands of emails from Filipinos asking for solar with batteries. “We are hopeful that investing in rural areas will help uplift Filipinos from poverty, and eventually create an even larger market among the new middle class.”

Currently, Solar Philippines is now constructing a 4 MW solar-battery farm which is seen to bring 24/7 power to around 20,000 Filipinos in Paluan, Occidental Mindoro.

The company’s 800 MW solar factory in Batangas – the first Filipino solar panel factory – was inaugurated by President Rodrigo Duterte in August.

“The establishment of this state-of-the-art facility in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, is timely and relevant as we address increasing demand for renewable energy. It is high time that we begin to establish local solar power,” president Duterte said during the inauguration.