Suspending FIT-All will help fight inflation – Infrawatch PH


Consumer think-tank group Infrawatch PH called on the  Duterte administration to suspend the implementation of Feed-In Tariff Allowance (FIT-All) as part of of the government’s initiatives to “reduce the prices of goods to stem inflation.”

Convenor of Infrawatch PH and former Presidential Commission on Urban poor Chief Atty. Terry Ridon said suspending the FIT-All could bring savings of up to P 51.26 for the typical household consuming 200 kWh.

By suspending FIT-All, families could have more funds for necessities such as food items and other household needs, Ridon said.

In addition, it makes sense to suspend the subsidy since the present status of solar power technology can offer solar power at P 2.99 kWh.

FIT-All is an uniform additional charge that subsidizes and incentivizes renewable energy producers as the costs of their investments are being passed on to consumers by power distributors.

Renewable energy such as wind, solar, run-of-river hydropower, biomass, and ocean power are covered under the Renewable Energy Act (Republic Act No. 9513).

The Energy Regulatory Commission approved an increase of P 0.0733 kWh increase in FIT-All charges last May, closing the monthly subsidy rate to P 0.26 kWh from P 0.18 kWh.

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