Transco, OMECO partner to address power crisis in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

transco with bg tower

The National Transmission Corporation (Transco) has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative Inc. (OMECO) to address the power crisis in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. 

According to a report by the Manila Standard, TransCo will act as the small grid operator in the town to optimize the dispatching of power plants and the generating units to help achieve a least-cost generation charge for consumers and at the same time, to minimize the subsidy requirements for the universal charge for missionary electrification. 

The state-owned company will also operate and control the Mindoro Grid system frequency, voltage and power flows under the memorandum. 

A “state of power crisis” has been declared in the province of Occidental Mindoro due to persistent rotational brownouts. The provincial board of the province has called on the national government to address the power supply in the area. 

OMECO currently has 83,000 consumers connected to its grid in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro alone. 

Since March this year, both Occidental and Oriental Mindoro have been enduring five to six hours if power interruptions a day, and longer unscheduled power outages.