Vivant Energy Corp. enters solar energy business

Vivant Energy Corp. enters solar energy business

The Vivant Energy Corp. (VEC) has signed a shareholders’ agreement with a Chinese company for a solar rooftop business.

Vivant Corp.’s power unit has signed an agreement with the ET Energy Pilipinas Holding Corp. (ETPHC) for the creation of a joint venture company that will develop solar installations on commercial and industrial sites in the Philippines.

VEC will own 60 percent while ETPHC will own 40 percent equity in the joint venture firm.

Vivant is currently in the business of electric power generation, power distribution and retail supply in the Luzon and Visayas area.

Vivant Corp. is a company headed by the Garcia – Escano family, and has investments in the Cebu Private Power Corp – that owns a 70-megawatt diesel-fired power plant in Cebu – and the Cebu Energy Development Corporation that owns the 246 MW coal – fired power plant in Toledo City.