Water dams could be utilized for renewable energy — Marcos Jr.


President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is calling on the country’s dam operators to make the most use of their facilities, not just for water supply but also for renewable energy generation.

“I also call on our stakeholders, particularly those operating other dams nationwide, to maximize the use of your facilities by integrating other uses for the captured water, such as for the generation of renewable energy,” said Marcos Jr.

This request was made during the impounding process ceremony of the Upper Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal.

Aside from meeting the growing demand for water, multi-purpose dams could also be used to generate renewable energy, assisting the government in creating a more sustainable and energy-efficient country.

“We need to build more multi-purpose dams to ensure water supply not only for drinking but also for irrigation, power generation, flood control, aquaculture, and hopefully other technologies that we may engage in the future,” Marcos Jr. added.

The chief executive also said that the administration will continue to address water security issues to ensure that every Filipino has access to sufficient and clean water, which is critical for human existence and national growth.

“We will continue to address water security challenges to ensure that every Filipino has access to sufficient and clean water. At the end of the day, water remains at the core, not only for human survival but also for national development,” the chief executive added.

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