‘Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill’ pushed in Congress

‘Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill’ pushed in Congress

The House of Representatives is pushing for a Smart Grid Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill for the modernization of the Philippines’ electric grid infrastructure and better baseline information and energy consumption collection.

House Committee on Energy chairman Rep. Lord Allan Jay Velasco said that a Smart Grid will enable the country to achieve greater grid reliability and higher savings for customers in the long term.

“Through smart grid, utilities will be able to deliver power more consistently and can prevent overloads and outages as well as real-time troubleshooting allowing problems to get fixed faster,” Velasco said during the Strabase Albert Del Rosario (ADRi) Energy Forum.

“Smart Grid” is an electric management system that adds a communication and computer intelligence feature to a local electricity distribution network. This would enable a consumer to track down and manage its power usage that may lead to reducing energy waste. Meanwhile, its flexible and smart generation system that works on renewable energy will be efficient for homes or enterprises.

The hardware provides pricing information that would help consumers reduce electric consumption.



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