BREAKING NEWS: Luzon placed on momentary Yellow Alert due to unplanned outage

power lines

The Luzon grid was put under yellow alert  today starting 11AM due to unplanned outages of certain generators, which resulted to thinning of supply.

The following generators that went under unplanned outage were: Masincloc2 (344 MW), Pagbilao1 (382 MW), SLTEC1 (150MW), and Malaya2 (350 MW).

The notice has been lifted by the system operator at 3:30 in the afternoon due to enough operating reserve.

The Department of Energy is closely coordinating with the energy sector’s powerplayers to ensure the sufficient supply of electricity services to consumers, which includes the facilitation of incoming plants that are under commissioning and testing such as Masincloc3 for Luzon and TVI2 for Visayas.




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