SOBRANG SINGIL NI TRANSCO: Lower Fit-All charges ordered by ERC

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The feed-in-tariff allowance (FIT-All) rates added in the electric bills will decrease by P0.0337 per kilowatt-hour from the previous P0.2563 per kWh charge.

This was the direction of Energy Regulatory Commission Chairperson Agnes T. Devanadera. She also ordered the reduction to be immediately reflected in the “immediate succeeding billing period.”

The regulatory body has noted that ““the ERC-approved FIT-All is lower by P0.0706 per kWh vis-à-vis TransCo’s proposed rate.”

It explained that the FIT-All charge had been overall reduced by 0.337 per kWh versus the recent rate.

The ERC explained the changes was due to the discrepancy in the plant capacities used by TransCo and ERC in coming up with the FIT-All charge.

“ERC made use of the capacity of FIT-eligible plants with approved certificate of compliance (COC); whereas TransCo used the projected FIT-eligible plants for 2018,” ERC explained in their decision.

“There are diverging factors, such as the FIT rates and the cost recovery rate that contributed to the discrepancy in the FIT-All computation,” Devanadera was quoted in a Manila Bulletin report.

FIT-All is a separate charge in electricity bills that are paid to power supply that are generated from renewable energy sources as a form of incentive.




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